More Passion.
More Freedom.
More Joy.
More Love.
More Peace.


All of us are longing for more of the above.
What is holding us back are beliefs, thinking patterns and our choices to stay in the comfort zone – which sometimes even means suffering – instead of letting go of what is not serving you anymore.


You got the power.
To create the life you dream of.
To step onto a path that is already waiting for you.
Be brave. Gather yourself and make new choices.

Are you ready?

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EVOLVE Mentorship

Expand from within and enhance your Impact!

This mentorship is for you, if:

You feel ready to make the next step.

You want to continue your professional development
and shift into a new level of mastery.

You desire to step up your game and
make your offerings accessible to more people.

Unlock your True Potential .

Cultivate self-awareness, embrace your strengths and
develop new skills and habits to unleash your full potential.

Grow your Business.

With regular assessment with Dannie as your personal mentor
you will thrive and reach your next goal.


Book your free first call.
To sense in together whether we are the right fit
and ready to go on a journey together.


Gift yourself with an eye-opening and mind-shifting reading
supporting you to have a better picture
of your actual situation and
receive ideas for next steps
to more alignment and
expansion for your unique human journey.


Attuning into your energy field and
with the help of my mediumistic abilities
I will receive and share information with you and
you will be able to ask questions
in regards to a specific theme in your life.


You feel stuck in your life or around a specific theme?
Within this session you will receive valuable answers
and perspectives allowing you to take the next steps
towards an outcome you are longing for.

Emotional Clearing

With this technique it is possible to find
the emotional and energetic blockages in your system
that are holding you back from taking action
towards your goals and dreams.

Whether it is around a belief you are carrying in your subconscious
or if you are finding yourself in the same situations and patterns again and again,
in this session we have the opportunity
to speak to your subconscious body
with the help of muscle testing
and clear the stuck emotion with acupuncture pressure points.

If you are curious to find out more,
please book yourself a discovery call,
and I am happy to explain the process.

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With this technique, you create clarity for your goals
and how to achieve them.

The structured process helps you to shape your thoughts
and transform your visions into solid concrete results.

We identify the thought patterns, beliefs and conditioning
that have been holding you back from stepping into your full power.

We transform the unconscious rules that have dictated how you act and lead.
The process takes about 60-90 minutes with a structured process.

After just one session you will have gained new insights
and will notice the results within a short time.


Book your free descovery call in which I explain the process and you can sense in whether the process is the right fit for you.

held – Supervision & Sharing

held is a monthly circle for people working with people,
led by Dannie Quilitzsch, serial entrepreneur, founder of LAULIMA,
Coach for Leadership & Organisational Develeopment,
Psychologist, Systemic Therapist and Medium.

This circle is only right for you if:
you are ready to dive deeper to reflect
on your own journey, expand and evolve.
The circle requires a commitment to show up.
Intention is to support each other,
learn from each other and grow together.

Every session Dannie will offer someone to get the chance
to share a case for supervision or something they are struggling with
for a guided self-inquiry process.

Year Program: 390 Euro / 39.000 ZAR

For monthly payment options please contact Dannie.



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