„Our personal growth proceeds in stages along
the evolution of our human consciousness.
We ourselves have the choice – over and over again –
how to integrate what we’ve learned and realign with our soul
to evolve into the mastery of our evolutionary destiny.“
Dannie Quilitzsch






This 33 DAYS CHALLENGE is my gift for you.

An invitation to fall in love with yourself.
To unlock your potential and through that make the world a better place.
May you experience joy and curiosity on this journey to yourself!


Did you know that if we do something for 30 days it becomes a habit?
This 33 DAYS CHALLENGE aims to make self-love a habit for you.
So that you love yourself more every day.

And can create the life you wish to live.


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This offer is exclusive for selected people only.

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held is a monthly session for people working with people,
led by Dannie Quilitzsch, Diploma Psychologist, Systemic Therapist and Spiritual Medium.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. And while the tapestry of transformation is already unfolding it is especially important for those who hold space for others to come together and connect, support each other and be held so that we can grow together and evolve – and by embodying our own growth strengthen our capability to hold space for others in their healing.

This circle is only right for you when you are ready to dive deeper to heal,
expand and evolve. Intention is to come together regularly, support each other, learn from each other and grow together.  The commitment is to fill out your update before you join the session and join a tribe to check in between sessions.

During the sessions Dannie will pick one or two people to get the chance to share a case for supervision or something they are struggling for a guided self-inquiry process.

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SHIFT INTO MASTERY is a journey for transformational change.

If you are looking for a change in your life but feel something is holding you back
or if you are recognizing you are repeatedly landing in the same loops in your life but don’t know how to change that, it is time to have a look into the thoughts and belief patterns stored in your subconscious mind.



During this process we will check in the different levels of your energetic system and the topics and emotions related to them. We will identify and clear what is holding you back from stepping in your full potential.

The sessions are similar to regular coaching sessions, during which I will with your consent be connecting to your energetic field and by muscle testing find the installments of emotional and mental triggers in your subconsciousness. We will clear and release them so you get out of the way to finally create what you desire for your life.



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Next round coming in September 2023


UNLEASH YOUR POWER is a starter course for psychic and mediumistic development for those curious to make first experiences.

In the three sessions we will explore:

Session 1: Understanding Mediumship
This workshop will cover the basics of mediumship, including its definition, how it works, and the different types of mediums. It will also touch on the importance of grounding and protection before practicing mediumship.

Session 2: Developing Your Mediumship Skills
In this workshop, we’ll focus on developing your mediumship skills through various techniques like meditation, automatic writing, and psychometry. We’ll also discuss the significance of regular practice and setting intentions.

Session 3: Communicating with Spirits
Our final workshop will delve into the communication aspect of mediumship.
We’ll explore how to receive, interpret, and convey messages from spirits,
as well as how to deal with challenging messages and
provide comfort to those in grief.


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