You are just right the way you are. Maybe you just don’t know it yet. Maybe it’s hard for you to just accept it when you hear it. I am convinced that we all already carry everything within us that we need to be happy. You too! Because we have had experiences along the way that make us who we are today doesn’t mean we have to stay that way. It’s a never-ending journey of getting to know your inner truth and discovering new things about yourself all the time. To awaken passions, to let longings grow up. I have been dealing with these issues for many years and I know there is much more I can learn about myself.

Something that is at the core of who I am is that in many moments in my life when I have perceived a passion in myself, I have seized the opportunity and reinvented myself over and over again. That I have always listened to my heart and followed my intention. You will certainly learn one or the other story when we work together. In order to get a first impression of who you are dealing with and what makes me tick, I will describe the three decisive stages of my life from my point of view:

Big sister
The bigger of two. This challenged me from an early age to become a reasonable person. Against which, admittedly, I later rebelled strongly and still rebel often to this day. As a big sister, I learned early on to take responsibility for others and to put the needs of others before my own. To take care of myself and to take care of myself was something I learned again and again in my later relationships. Everything always has two sides, our task is to find the balance.

Today, I can use my early experiences as a big sister where they are appropriate. At the same time, I allow myself more and more often to go by what I think is right for me, without deciding for others as well. In short: Today I know how important it is to listen to oneself, to be honest with oneself and to follow one’s own intuition. Everything else is also unfair to others. => check my program LOVE YOURSELF MORE

Jack of all trades
I am a doer. I love to think of things and then push them. And because I always have so many ideas and I can hardly say no, I usually do several things in parallel. That’s how it was from the beginning and still is today: I studied communications and got a job at a large creative agency. Later, I studied psychology and trained as a systemic therapist. In between, developmental editing and setting up Utopia.de and the Utopia Foundation. Afterwards self-employment in the field of sustainability consulting and communication. I have supported many organizations such as Viva con Agua, Die Komplizen, Deutschland rundet auf and companies such as Deutsche Post, Pelikan and Aveda in developing their corporate structure, setting up processes and initiating projects. In addition, I have supported numerous social startups and social entrepreneurs in realizing their own visions, including Frischepost, Generation Forest, Oll Inklusive e.V., Recycle Heroes, Go Banyo, to name just a few. Most recently, I was able to contribute my experience to my co-foundations War Child Germany, GROME and SEEDS regenerative ecosystem.

I love the colorful mix of tasks and people I meet again and again, who all have in common that they have a passion for what they do. Through the many projects and tasks, my unwavering inquisitiveness and thirst for adventure is satisfied. In part, at least.

Consultant & Coach
I have been working as a consultant and coach for almost 20 years now. In the last years mainly with social founders, smaller initiatives and social organizations. Mostly it is about the development of the business model, the organizational structure and the communication. Behind this there are often questions like: What is who in the team really good at? What does who really like to do? What is our vision and how can we bring it to the world together? What excites me most is working with people and why they are enthusiastic about what.

As a site manager and master coach at the Social Impact Lab Hamburg, I have found an ideal role in which I can pass on my many years of experience to other founders in a meaningful way. Furthermore, I am passionate about working in companies, social organizations and agencies as a consultant for organizational development, workshop leader for topics such as time, crisis and conflict management, and as a coach for teams and individuals.

Why are you here on Earth?

I also advise and coach individuals with a great deal of passion. The question most of them ask themselves is: Who am I really? What drives me? What do I stand for? What do I want to achieve in my life? How do I want to live? I am grateful that I have a great talent to empathize with people, a strong competence to analyze complex contexts and a lot of experience in turning wishes and goals into actions. If you want to work with me in a 6months mentorship program to find out who YOU ARE WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOT – check out my program here.

What holds us back from living our true self often are old thought patterns and beliefs in order to finally be able to live one’s own authentic self. I am happy to see how many people I could already help to create their own life more fulfilled and with more joy. => Check out my program  SHIFT INTO MASTERY