Happy World Women’s Day! Women AND men, embrace your feminine side!

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Yesterday was the first day I woke up having overcome the in between time also called jetlag. Finally I feel arrived fully back at my home in Hamburg Lovetown. This morning I followed Lisas wonderful meditation and afterwards some of Mias tantric yoga class and although there are thousands of miles between us I felt really connected to these wonderful women who I spent one month of goddesses time with in Bali recently. For me those weeks were a very special time reconnecting with my female sources and awakening my female power. As a women leading my own company and directing another one I very often feel the male parts of myself taking over. It is wonderful to reconnect to the feminine side which we all have in ourselves, not only the women but also the men!! People who know me also know that I repeat the sentence of my teacher Biff Mithoefer regularly: The world needs more Yin! Especially the western world in which I decided to live in is so busy and always tries to achieve something next, almost never resting in the moment and indulging in the now, feeling gratetful for all the abundance that is – mother earth who gives us air, water, and soil, where our food is growing in, the sun that is giving us light and warmth everyday and also the moon that is shining her light in the dark. Practicing being thankful for all of this and reminding me of all the abundance and the gift called life in my meditation gives me the most fulfilling and loving feeling. So today we want to be thankful especially for the feminine power in our world. The yin. Connecting, sharing, creating, loving. Think of everything that seems feminine to you.
One of the feminine principles which we all should dive deeper into  is about fully accepting who we are. To be loved and appreciated for exactly how we are. Everybody is worthy to be treated and loved without having any expectations or wanting to change ourselves or the other person. I personally do not only want to empower the women but also the men today to allow that feminine side of ourselves to break through and shine bright!
Being back in my daily life after Bali I realize how tough it is to find time for meditation, yoga, reading, writing, doing my job that I love, seeing my friends and still do the things one have to do to get a daily life done. Thinking of all my goddesses in my life and realizing that each one of you is part of myself mirroring who I am, makes me deal with all of that in a better way. I am so thankful that the universe brought all of you and me together, especially when it comes to coincidences like recently on the beautiful island of Bali. I could not think of a better time, place and wonderful people to show me that everything is just a mirror of parts of ourselves – during these weeks meaning indulging in my femininity. What you are is what you get. Thinking of you and the abundance these goddesses and I shared in the beautiful place called Trinity Gardens in Ubud makes me more confident in my daily life, acknowledging that I am all that – that I am also each one of you, the wonderful time we had, the wonderful place we shared, the abundance of nature, love and spirit we experienced. I slowly and carefully get a feeling of what this trip really meant to all of us and that it prepared us to be the bold, shimmering, strong, kind, glowing, caring, nourishing, beautiful woman we are. Let’s always think of that espeacially in weak and tough moments we will have to go through. We are all that. We just have to remind ourselves sometimes, come back to ourselves and find our confidence, our trust in the universe that all comes for a reason. Awakening the female power here: trust and be confident that everything happens for a reason. Let go and follow your intuition. It is wonderful to realize how everything is connected in the end, how much abundance is in this world if we allow it and that the highest energy we are all made of is love. I am so happy and grateful for this experience with all of you.
Today let’s embrace the feminine side in all of us. Love ourselves and the others for who they really are. See the beauty and magic in ourselves and each of us if we allow our inner shimmering excitement of who we are to awaken and be seen.
Happy World Woman’s Day!
Yours Dannie

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