„Our personal growth proceeds in stages along the evolution of our human consciousness. We ourselves have the choice – over and over again – how to integrate what we learn and realign ourselves to follow more and more of our true destiny.“ Dannie Quilitzsch

SHIFT INTO MASTERY is a journey for transformational change. If you are looking for a change in your life but feel something is holding you back or if you are recognizing you are repeatedly landing in the same loops in your life but don’t know how to change that, it is time to have a look into the thoughts and belief patterns stored in your subconscious mind.

You want create your own business but do not dare to let go of the security of your employment?

You want to create the life you desire but are waiting until you are confident enough you are going to make it?

You want to step up in your career and become the leader you always wanted to be but are not sure whether you are ready?

During this 8 week process we will check in the different levels of your energetic system and the topics and emotions related to them. We will identify and clear what is holding you back from stepping in your full potential. The sessions are similar to regular coaching sessions, during which I will with your consent be connecting to your energetic field and by muscle testing find the installments of emotional and mental triggers in your subconsciousness. We will clear and release them so you get out of the way to finally create what you desire for your life.

If you are curious please first book the free Discovery Call to get to know each other better and find our whether we are the right fit to do this journey together.

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