You already lead a successful life, but you have the feeling that something is still missing?

You are missing lightness and joy in your life, you are searching for meaning or asking yourself what you want to leave behind in this world?

In this 12 week intensive program you will dive deep into a process that will give you the opportunity to create a life for yourself in which you feel fulfilled.

In the 10 live sessions in the group, you will receive through the transfer of knowledge, inspiration through examples and impulses for your own path

    • important tools
    • valuable impetus and the
    • necessary support

to take the steps that will lead you to your goal.

In the 10 1:1 sessions we focus on your uniqueness and you have the opportunity to dissolve all the beliefs and thought patterns that have kept you from being yourself and living the life you want.

This program offers you the opportunity to take your life to a new level.


    • You wake up every day grateful that you are living exactly the life you have always wanted for yourself.
    • You have absolute clarity for yourself and your life.
    • You have a task that corresponds exactly to your abilities and that brings you joy every day.
    • You go to bed every day thinking how grateful and happy you are for your life.
    • You live your life with the ease that allows you to keep making courageous decisions and stay curious.
    • You are curious in every moment about what is to come.
    • You are in full trust that everything that is happening in your life is just right for you to give you the experiences that will lead you to live to your full potential.
    • You wake up every morning in a buoyant mood, looking forward to the new day.
    • You can also accept difficult times in your life with love and gratitude.
    • You are brave enough.
    • You have so much self-confidence that it’s easy for you to say no to the things that don’t feel good to you.
    • Your compass for your life is joy and curiosity.
    • You are so in your power that you feel you can do anything.
    • You are able to bring yourself into joy over and over again.
    • You are able to put yourself in a state of flow where everything in life feels like an exciting challenge.
    • You have enough confidence to think even bigger than you’ve ever allowed yourself to before.

Included in the 12 weeks are:

    • 10 Live Calls in the group á 60 min
    • 10 1:1 Calls á 45 min – bookings possible after payment of the program
    • Exchange in the FB group and in Mastermind small groups
    • Prepared material in a digital booklet

The Live Calls will be recorded and made available in the Facebook group. In the Live Calls you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the exercises and share your process with the group.

The 1:1 sessions are mainly for the process of uncovering unconscious blockages and showing possibilities where you can grow. We get a glimpse of your natural strengths and your true self.

The program includes elements from:

Cognitive Psychology
Personality development
Systemic-Integrative Therapy
Stages of consciousness development
Spiral Dynamics
Spiritual Development
Meditation techniques
Neuro Linguistic Program
Tapping Acupressure (EFT)
Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Limited number of participants: The program is limited to 12 participants.

Course in English will be available in 2023. To put your name on the waiting list please send me a mail to